AWIEF is a pan-African non-profit organisation which nurtures and actively promotes women innovation and entrepreneurship in Africa, through its development programmes, accelerators, and networking events, including the annual AWIEF Conference, Exhibition and Awards which bring over 1200 women entrepreneurs, thought leaders, governments, investors, academia and media, together from across Africa and beyond.

AWIEF’s mission is to foster the economic inclusion, advancement and empowerment of women in Africa through entrepreneurship support and development.

Our Goals

  • Promote and support women’s economic empowerment across Africa, through innovation and entrepreneurship, for job creation, poverty alleviation, and sustainable development.
  • Develop and implement programmes that foster the advancement of African women and girls in the areas of education, technology, and entrepreneurship
  • Provide capacity-building, training and business skills development for women-owned businesses to scale, move up the value chain and be more competitive
  • Facilitate access to finance and global market opportunities for African women entrepreneurs

Our Goals

  • Promote sustainable practices in women-owned and women-led businesses
  • Facilitate intra-Africa trade, collaborations and business partnerships
  • Advocate for gender-sensitive government mainstreaming and implementation of policies and legal frameworks to empower women and girls in Africa
  • Promote learning, networking, knowledge-sharing, and exchange of best practices
  • Establish an extensive network of African women entrepreneurs, business women, innovators and social entrepreneurs
  • Organize and host the annual Africa Women Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum conference and exhibition
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