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Your Brand. Your Design. Custom Wrapping Paper

Custom Wrapping Paper

Create your own wrapping paper the way you want it. Our wrapping paper rolls are created to work with most standard wrapping paper dispensers designed for 24″ wide roll.  All of our wrapping papers are uncoated.  They are all recyclable, and available in various thicknesses and colors.

Wrapping Paper Inspiration

Choose From 4 Unique Stocks

Beige Kraft

Choose From 7 Roll Length Options

 All rolls are currently 24” in width and can range in length from 25’ to 450’ depending on the color of wrapping paper you choose. The diameter of the tube is 3″ for all types of wrapping paper and the total diameter will vary depending on the length purchased. 

Sizes Available (W x L)

  • 24” x 25’
  • 24” x 50’
  • 24” x 125’
  • 24” x 150’
  • 24” x 250’
  • 24” x 300’
  • 24” x 450’

Paper Colors Available

White, Ivory, Beige, Brown Kraft
White, Ivory, Beige, Brown Kraft
White, Ivory,Beige, Brown Kraft
White, Ivory,Beige, Brown Kraft
Beige, Brown Kraft
Ivory, Brown Kraft
Brown Kraft

Custom Wrapping Paper For Your Business

Create custom wrapping paper to spice up your event and wrap party gifts and have people talking about your events for weeks. Contact RBC Custom Packaging to order now.

Let’s build something together.

Below is a chart that compares our different wrapping paper stocks:

Stock (Color)ThicknessInk Coverage Maximum

Please note our wrapping papers have no recycled content.

Ink Coverage Availability by Stock 






Less than 25%

25% – 50%

50% – 75%



75% – 100%



*This stock is too thin to hold anymore ink than the maximum indicated on the chart.

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