Sustainable Packaging

Let us help your brand fulfill its sustainability goals and lessen its carbon footprint by choosing from our sustainable packaging product line.

Sustainable Packaging Options

Recyclable PE-PE Films

Our 100% Polyethylene (PE) films are fully recyclable and are customizable to include high-barrier structures, providing optimal product protection. Similar to standard pouch constructions, our recyclable high-barrier films are oxygen and water vapor resistant and feature photo-quality graphics. Our recyclable films are Store Drop-off compliant (part of the How2Recycle program).

Post-Consumer Recycled Films

Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) films are another environmentally friendly packaging option. After recyclable packaging (ex: milk cartons or water bottles) have fulfilled their life cycle, they are diverted from landfills and converted into other commodities, such as new packaging material. The new packaging uses ~28% less virgin polymer, since it’s replaced by PCR resins. By using PCR films in our packaging, we are able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by ~15.25%.*

Source*: https://how2recycle.info/calculator

Compostable Films**

Our compostable films are perfect for brands seeking a fully-compostable packaging option. At the end of the product life cycle, this type of packaging can be broken down into non-toxic components. It will return to the soil without harming, and will actually nourish, surrounding plant life.

All of our sustainable packaging is FDA compliant for direct food contact.

Eco-Friendly Solutions

Sustainable Printing + Inks

Our HP digital printers consume less energy and emit fewer greenhouse gases than traditional printers. Our polymer-based inks are compostable and do not contain hazardous air pollutants (HAPs).

Solventless Lamination

RBC’s quick-drying and environmentally friendly lamination process keeps Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) out of Consumer Packaged Goods.

Recyclable Zippers

Our press-to-close zippers are made from recyclable plastic so there is no need to deconstruct this portion of packaging in order to make it Store-Drop off compliant.

Recycling Labels

Our dual-layer recyclable films meet the requirements for the How2Recycle “Store Drop-Off” program. Alternatively, the combination of the #2 Resin ID code and generic store drop-off symbol can be used to show consumers how to recycle your packaging.

sustainable packaging

High-Quality Sustainable Packaging

Fulfill your sustainability initiatives without sacrificing quality. Your packaging can still shine while performing at a high-level, leaving your customers happy that they’re investing in a brand that’s committed to bettering the world. Features available include:

  • High-barrier films
  • Photo-quality images
  • Glossy or matte finishes
  • Transparent + clouded windows
  • Puncture and tear-resistant
  • Press-to-close zippers

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...Want Custom Packaging Ideas..
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