Circular Insert Box


  • Circular Insert Box

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Enter the dimensions of your product and create your perfect-sized box.

When you enter the exact dimensions of your product, we use a custom algorithm to automatically generate the exact sized box needed. No guessing required!
The Circular Insert Box is an integrated box and insert style designed for circular or round products. Perfect for shipping or displaying lightweight products, such as tins, cosmetics, and plastic home goods. Secure your product in place while offering high-end presentation value for your end-user. This integrated style saves storage space and is efficient to assemble during fulfillment.

Our custom boxes are great for:

  •    Circular or round lightweight products
  •     Ecommerce order fulfillment
  •     Retail boxes and mailers
  •    Custom branded packaging for any business

Why choose RBC Custom Packaging?

  • Perfect protection for shipping
  • Quick and easy box assembly
  • Made in the USA
  • Available in a variety of material options
  • No minimum Quantities
  • Highest-quality digital printing
  • Custom sizes to fit your gifts
  • 100% Recyclable Boxes


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