Easy Mailer -Two Way


Easy Mailer -Two Way

Why choose this style?

  • Perfect protection for shipping
  • Available in Standard White, Premium White – with or without a Gloss Ink Finish, and Kraft
  • Instant quotes & no minimum quantity!
  • High-quality Digital Printing
  • Two-sided printing available
  • Custom sizes to fit your product
  • Made from up to 50% recycled material & 100% Recyclable!
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The Easy Mailer -Two Way is a game-changing mailer style for efficient ecommerce shipping. The style features two self-sealing tape strips — the first strip designed for closure after packing and the secondary strip enabling easy returns by your end-user. This is the style choice for brands looking to reduce labor and material costs without the need for additional glue, tape, or staples. The built-in tear strip supports easy access by your end-user and is much more consistent than “corrugated-zipper” tear strips.
The ASAP Mailer™ Two-Way is quick to assemble and easy to pack during fulfillment.  This style also allows for printing on the inside as well as the outside of the box, giving you an added canvas to be creative with your branding and unboxing experience.
Minimum depth of 4 inches
Maximum length of 24 inches
Create a unique branding experience for your customers thanks to our beautiful digitally printed mailers! Print outside to make your brand stand out. Print inside to make unboxing your mailer a special moment!
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