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Learn about our new shipper!

Our 6 Bottle Wine Shipper is designed for the secure shipping of 750ml bottles of wine,
spirits, and other bottled products. The shipper features stacked removable trays, holding
3 bottles each. It also has extra layers of corrugated for enhanced strength and product protection,
including a separate pad for additional brand real estate. The innovative drawbridge delivers high-end
presentation value and easy access to the product inside for your end-user. This box style is the ideal shipping
solution for direct-to-consumer wine clubs, wineries, and brands. It is made of fully sustainable and recyclable
corrugated material. Wine brands also minimize waste by eliminating the need for secondary packaging.
Passed transportation drop testing from 36″ with no leaks.
This product contains:
1 – Roll end front tuck with dust flaps drawbridge box   14.3125″L x 11.75″W x 7.56″ D
2 – Removable tray
2 – Divider insert for the removable tray that holds three 750mL wine bottles
2 – Set of three wine neck pads
2 – Pad
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